Hi 👋. I'm glad that you are interested in MyPhotoLocations!

As a landscape and travel photographer I've experienced many problems around planning photo shoots and keeping track of my scouted locations. I couldn't find a tool that would solve all of my needs. So I created one.

MyPhotoLocations is a personal tool to assist photographers with keeping track of their photo locations.

I've used many different apps to help me organize the places I've visited and plan to visit, such as Google Maps, Docs or other note taking apps, Trello, etc. All of these are great but I wanted to consolidate all of the important functionality in one tool, get rid of the unnecesary features and tailor the app with the photographer in mind.

Tags are very helpful with organizing the locations.
By tagging locations, it's possible to create collections and see the locations on the map.

MyPhotoLocations is mostly suited for landscape, travel or wildlife photographers or anyone else who finds it useful to keep locations and photo spots organized.

So if you are wondering whether this app is for you, review the features, give it a try and let me know what you think:

- Anton Galitch