How to create unique landscape photographs

Definitely post processing is a big ingredient. If you give the same raw file to multiple photographers they will end up with different post processed results. And they could be very different. But the raw image needs to be good to begin with.

Is it the gear? While all of these photographers use high end cameras and lenses, they use different brands and models. And if you look back into their career and what gear they started with or they used to take some of their most iconic photos, you will notice that it’s gear from 5-10 years ago and any entry level modern camera is capable of achieving the same or more.

I would argue that one of the most important factors to unique landscape photos is the intersection between space and time. It’s where and when you decide to press the shutter button.

The location comes first. You need to know exactly what the photograph is about, what the subject is, the environment. The location will determine which lens should be used, is there a need for a tripod? what filters, etc. From the location you can start planning the shot by adding time.

There could be a full moon that would look great behind the mountains or a Milky Way that has to be captured at a certain time of the year, or maybe the subject looks better during sunrise.

Most of the successful photographers are like fishermen, they have their locations. They scout them, they know exactly how to get there and when. This is what gives them an edge and the uniqueness of their photographs.

The main goal of MyPhotoLocations is to be the most helpful tool for organizing the locations, keeping track of any changes, recording visits, adding scouting photos, etc. Having a collection of all the locations, especially those around the world, can be a challenge and we want to make it as easy and as enjoyable as possible.